progettazione scheda elettronica sanificazione

The customer required an electronic control to manage an innovative technology capable of sanitizing the environment and the air. The “three- in-one” device is composed of a tool that washes the air, a water aspirator and an integrated system for aspirating, clean and sanitize. The most interesting features of the product are the possibility of being able to separate the suction part from the steam generator, the advanced technology and the innovative design. The cleaner is also suitable for use in hospitals, especially in particularly delicate departments, such as neonatology, pulmonology, infectious disease, where the sanitation of environments and the elimination of contaminants are essential.

Syen has designed and developed an electronic control system tailored to meet the specific needs of the customer. The solution allows the management of engine powers, water and steam temperatures, pressure and their mixing. It allows control the delivery of steam and cleaning functions with three timelines. Furthermore, it is equipped with a steam ready signal and various alarms that highlight the overflow of the tray, the exhaustion of the water in the tank and limescale. All the controls for using the product are easily accessible from the handle.

All dust and harmful components are collected in a tray that can be emptied manually or automatically. The device, in fact, is equipped with a timer that allows this action to be carried out even in the absence of the operator. The product is CE and IMQ certified.