sistema elettronico gestione fabbricatori ghiaccio

On behalf of one of the most important groups in the world for the production of professional ice machines, Syen has designed and manufactured the electronics dedicated to an ice and water dispenser. Automatic distribution systems such as these are increasingly used in modern catering and in offices. They allow the drinks to be cooled according to the user’s preferences and facilitate the removal of ice, without risk of contamination. The cubes, in fact, are deposited directly into the glass without any manipulation.

The solution conceived and developed by Syen electronically regulates the functioning of the dispenser, which is able to supply cold water and ice. The system manages the cooling of the water and the production of ice cubes, adapting to the hardness characteristics of the water. During dispensing, the quantity and flow of the water and ice emission is controlled, according to the preset parameters.

The dispenser can also be used in self-service mode, without the need to press any buttons to perform the supply. To allow automatic dispensing, infrared sensors have been inserted on the front body, positioned at a 45 ° angle, which check the presence of the glass in the underlying housing, before supplying the ice cubes and water. Thanks to this technology, the system is able to identify even circular transparent containers.