schede elettroniche confezionatrici sottovuoto

On behalf of a leading company in the business of catering and kitchen equipment, Syen has created an electronic system capable of managing the operation of a unique vacuum packaging machine. The customer’s need was to automate the vacuum processes and simplify the controls to create a device that is easy to use, even for non-professional operators. The device had to have small dimensions and be easily integrated into a chest of drawers, under the worktop or in the column cabinet.

For this specific project Syen has developed and implemented the electronic management of a vacuum packaging machine to be integrated into the furniture, developing a “drawer-sized” solution. The result was a unique product but compatible with all standard accessories and bags for food on sale. The system regulates the operation of the vacuum pump, eliminating the air from the ingredients and retaining the humidity necessary to preserve the freshness of the food, without making them excessively dry.

The vacuum drawer is equipped with a volumetric sensor to detect the exact vacuum value reached, depending on the consistency of the food. The vacuum drawer also allows you to set the optimal sealing time to seal any type of bag. The device is also equipped with specific programs for marinating and infusion functions. When the appliance has not been used for a long time or after packaging products with a high percentage of humidity, it is possible to perform an automatic reconditioning cycle to clean the pump, eliminating any liquid emulsion that may have formed.