case history schede elettroniche macchine caffe

The customer’s need, a leading company in the business of professional coffee machines, was to create the electronic management system for a new product with a very particular design, inspired by the “belle époque” style. Unlike traditional models, this coffee machine has an original vertical development and is available with 2 or 3 groups, arranged around the column. The patented disc-shaped boiler gives it the highest steam and water-for-tea capacity in its class. The coffee machine had to be able to handle a medium-high volume of coffee.

The electronic system was designed and developed by Syen expressly for this project, taking into account the particular design of the machine. The housing of the electronic boards, sensors, components and the wiring of the cables have been designed to integrate discreetly and hide inside the object, preserving its aesthetics. The electronic management allows to control and setting the coffee extraction temperature and the steam boiler temperature. Double pressure gauges (pump and steam pressure) facilitate the control of the pressure profiles and the monitoring of the performance of the machine. The water level indicator makes it easy to monitor the boiler water levels.

The coffee machine is supplied with standard volumetric programming that allows to program 4 volumes of coffee (single, double, short, long) for each group equally or independently with a single one-touch operation. This way the barista does not have to keep monitoring the coffee machine and has more time to interact with customers or to start another order.

The machine has an automatic rinsing system to clean each group quickly and easily. It can also be set in “eco” mode to optimize operation and operate in energy saving mode.