Syen, the evolution of products and markets

Syen was founded to support customers in the development of products that boast greater efficiency and intelligence, thanks to the integration of electronics in electro/mechanical devices.
The customization of the projects, which responds to the specific needs of clients and allows them to differentiate themselves from the competition, has always been the added value that distinguishes the company.
In order to build solid relationships of trust with its partners, Syen pays the utmost attention on confidentiality in dealing with shared information, guaranteeing the necessary secrecy and discretion.
Over time, along with the progress of technology and the industry itself, even the demands of clients have evolved, moving toward solutions that understand the interconnectivity and the digitization of its products.
Syen has been able to increase a strong corporate know-how, especially in the HoReCa and Gardening market, thanks to specialized experiences and skills that have enabled today to better read the particular needs of each of its business partner and to identify the most suitable answer, for any specific need.
Syen is currently engaged in the development of a line of standard products under its own brand, in order to satisfy the requests of those who seek a faster and ready to use solution. Designed for a market with more competitive prices, these devices will be equipped with customized software and will report the characteristics of flexibility, customization and quality that have always distinguished the company.

Syen s.r.l. | Cod. fiscale e Part. IVA: 02314170263 | Iscrizione Ufficio Registro di TREVISO | Num. REA: TV-202803 | Capitale sociale: € 10.400,00 I.V.

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