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Vacuum packaging has found wide application since the invention of plastic and the practice of sealing foods with films made of thermo-plastic materials has spread. This preservation method allows to increase the shelf-life of fresh and perishable foods, by reducing contact with air. A variant is the “Modified Atmosphere Packaging” (MAP) which replaces the air with a mixture of inert gases.

The two conservation systems are based on the same principle: to isolate the food from contact with air and therefore with oxygen. In this way the action of bacteria, moulds and all those aerobic microorganisms that need air to live and multiply is inhibited. The processes that lead to changes in the nutritional and organoleptic characteristics of foods, the external appearance, aroma, consistency and digestibility are slowed down. Furthermore, the phenomena of oxidation and rancidity of fats are delayed. Thanks to vacuum packaging, foods keep much longer than traditional systems. The shelf life of some products can even triple. In addition, the food keeps its freshness and flavour intact, reducing food waste.

In recent years this type of packaging has favoured the development of one of the most revolutionary innovations in the kitchen: vacuum cooking. This technique involves cooking food in water, inside sealed plastic bags, at low temperatures, normally between 55 ° and 60 °, for a very long time. This system allows you to cook food evenly. Furthermore, by eliminating the air, the heat passes directly from the water to the dish which retains all its organoleptic qualities.

Today it is estimated that in Western countries 40% of food is vacuum-packed at least in one phase of its commercial life. While foods preserved in modified atmosphere represent 12% of products. The equipment that makes vacuum packing possible is therefore of great importance for food safety and for the quality of the foods we eat. They allow you to have healthier ingredients for longer, reducing the proliferation of bacteria and the danger of contamination with other foods. They allow us to enjoy tastier food, richer in flavours and aromas.

In recent years Syen has collaborated with leading companies in the professional catering and kitchen equipment sector to improve the management of vacuum packaging machines. He has designed and built electronic systems that allow you to control the operation of these devices, adjusting the operation of the vacuum pump and the inert gas injection system. To simplify and speed up work in the kitchen, these vacuum packaging machines are equipped with pre-set programs that allow you to automate some functions, such as marinating and infusion. Integrating with the design of the kitchen equipment, the appliances feature easy-to-use and intuitive touch screen controls.

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