The importance of electronics in modern coffee grinders

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The coffee grinder is an essential piece of equipment for preparing a good espresso. The quality of the espresso we enjoy in the cup depends on how and how much the coffee is ground. Through grinding, the cellular structure of the grain is broken and the aromatic substances found inside are released. Correct grinding promotes optimal extraction of the coffee from the machine. If the grind is too coarse the water will flow quickly and the coffee will be watery and weak in taste. If the grind is too thin, the extraction will be more difficult, the espresso will drip slowly, making it too charged and acid. A correct particle size allows the extraction of the espresso in a time between 25 and 30 seconds.

In order to obtain a balanced taste, the coffee beans must be ground evenly. If the coffee particles are of the same size, they can give off the same amount of aroma, if instead the beans are ground irregularly, too small particles are formed, which give a bitter note, and too large particles, which are responsible for an unpleasant taste.

For the preparation of espresso at the bar, next to the coffee machine, there has always been a coffee grinder. This equipment allows to fine-tune the degree of personalized grinding: by reducing the distance between the grinders, a finer particle size is obtained, while by increasing the distance a coarser particle size is obtained.

Each barista has their own preferences on the ideal dosage to make a good coffee. The coffee grinder also allows the grinding to be standardized and the quality to be maintained constant over time: the same quantity and granulometry are ground at each operation. The grinding process also produces heat, which negatively affects quality: the coffee grinder must therefore be able to work quickly but without heating the beans. If they are heated too much, essential oils are burned. Aromas will be lost and a bitter taste will be perceived in the mouth.

Technological evolution has made grinding equipment more performing. From coffee grinders with dispenser, we have moved on to on-demand coffee grinders that allow instant grinding and electronic dose adjustment. In this business Syen has partnered with important manufacturers of bar equipment, designing and developing the electronic systems that allow to adjust and automate the operation of the coffee grinders. The electronic management allows the barista to arrange settings with extreme precision and to replicate the same settings even on multiple machines. The ground coffee is pressed evenly to obtain excellent extractions and it is possible to memorize multiple grinding positions and recall them easily through the convenient display. In this way, the barista’s work is simplified and lightened, preventing occupational diseases of the wrist, hand and elbow.

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