Grass mowing and “mulching”

Mulching is a type of grass cutting born in the early 90s in the United States to reduce grass residues that, after mowing, had to be collected and disposed of. The evolution of ride-on mowers has made available a new feature that allows not only to cut the lawn, but also to chop the grass into small parts that are left on the ground. This technique is particularly suitable for large surfaces, where the collection and disposal of large quantities of cut grass becomes challenging.

With mulching, the mown grass is not collected but remains on the ground to become natural fertilizer. This technique is very virtuous from an ecological point of view because it allows you to enrich the earth using its own turf. After cutting, the grass decomposes and nourishes the soil, making the lawn healthy and uniform. By using mulching, it is possible to reduce the use of other fertilizers and irrigation. Mulching requires small tractors designed for shredding and for frequent cuts. Mulching is not possible if the grass is tall. But if the cut is done often, the operation takes less time. Furthermore, there is no waste of time due to the unloading of the collection basket.

The classic ride-on mowers have been joined by more advanced models capable of adjusting the height of the blades and pulverizing the grass during cutting to perform mulching. The more precise the shredding is, the faster the absorption of the plant material into the soil is, avoiding the presence of aesthetic defects on the lawn. Finely cut grass clippings are very small and decompose faster. If the shredding is coarse, instead, a layer of plant material forms which dries up. Visually the effect is unsightly and it also creates a cover that is harmful to the growth of lawn grass.

Syen has designed and developed the electronic system that allows the mower to manage the type of cut. The vehicle is capable of mulching (with shredding), cutting with grass discharge or with collection in the rear basket. The operator can continuously adjust the height of the blades and can change the cutting mode while remaining comfortably in the driver’s seat, without interrupting the work. There is also a system for cleaning the grass duct and for eliminating any accumulations on the radiator. The operation of the cleaning system is automatic and is controlled by a sensor.
In models equipped with a grass collection basket, cleaning is also activated automatically at each emptying. In addition, a sensor monitors the perfect filling of the container. Thanks to a motorized deflector, the grass is distributed optimally. When the basket is full, the system automatically stops cutting to avoid blockages.

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