The trends in electronics proposed by CES 2021

tendenze elettronica 2021 CES

The CES in Las Vegas is the reference fair for the world of electronics and technology worldwide. Here the trends of the sector meet and the most important innovations are discovered. The latest event was held in a digital version and highlighted some interesting trends that will influence the design and production of electronic devices.

If in recent years touch screens have been the reference trend in electronic equipment, 2021 has brought touchless technologies to the fore. Due to Covid-19, solutions that allow you to avoid physical contact or even proximity to shared keyboards or touch screens are rapidly spreading. Motion sensors allow you to execute user commands, without there being a contact, simply by detecting the movement of the hand. The interaction of the person with technology allows systems to be governed only with a gesture.

Even in the field of human-machine interfaces, HMI, solutions for facial recognition and voice control are offering important leaps forward. These technologies combined with machine learning, artificial intelligence and the IoT already allow different devices, such as the refrigerator and the oven, to communicate with each other. In a not too distant future, the machines could automatically set the settings by recognizing the user’s face or voice command. For example, a furnace may independently adjust the temperature and the cooking programs to suit operator preferences. Or a coffee machine could predispose the settings for the dosages of the mixtures, the pressure, the water temperature.

Sustainability continues to be at the center of attention and is becoming an increasingly strategic factor right from the design stage, considering the entire life cycle of the product and not just its disposal. The trend towards the recyclability of electronic components and printed circuit boards continues to grow. In product design, the materials that best support the end-of-life needs of a product are evaluated. The possibilities of recovering precious raw materials, separating them from plastic, are being studied with greater attention. This trend will have an impact on the development of new products, especially as environmental regulations will increasingly influence material choices.

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