Syen celebrates 30 years of activity

This year Syen celebrates an important milestone: 30 years of activity, passion and innovation.
We are delighted to share this significant moment with all of our customers, suppliers and employees. Special thanks go to all our collaborators, who for years have actively participated in the success of the company.

We strongly feel the desire to celebrate this milestone, which is why we want to retrace the salient stages that have seen us involved during these years, sharing some of the objectives that have marked our history.
30 years of experience, but the same enthusiasm of those who have just started, the same desire to grow, improve and with all the determination to face new challenges.
This spirit allows us to face the difficulties that this historical moment is placing before us with professionalism, seriousness and dedication.

We believe in team spirit, collaboration and sharing: these values have allowed us to go far, and we believe it will lead us to achieve ever greater success.

Thank you all.



Syen’s foundation; Retarder-proofing development; Partnership with Telecom: development and supply of electronics applied to facilities’ phones equipment;


“Soil Test”: portable device measuring mineral salts in the soil;


Expansion and relocation to the new headquarters Syen;


“Prolaser”: a portable device developed in collaboration with the State Police for measurement of speed limits;


Batteries “Leclanchè” (Boomerang): world's first 1.5V rechargeable alkaline;


Floor Lamp “Soler”: first the energy-saving lamp recycles the heat emitted by the bulb which is then re-emitted into the environment as a form of heating;


“Anti-drug Stick”: portable device developed with the Ministry of the Interior, the first device capable of detecting multiple drugs through saliva and sweat;


ISO9001 Certification;


Syen sponsors "Luigi (Gigi) Pirollo", Italian rally driver; Patent for battery charger / maintainer / regenerator for professional gardening products;


European funding for technological innovation: project “IMok” (Intelligent Monitoring of Kitchen), Predecessor of the IoT / cloud system for monitoring equipment and catering equipment;


Breathalyzer: instrument for detecting alcohol in the blood by exhalation, developed in collaboration with the State Police and the Ministry of Transport, one of the first devices of this kind on the market;


"Dietometer": handheld device with stylus and touch display to manage the diet;


Company acquisition of professional LED lighting products;


Partnership with Telecom: supply of professional lighting products installed inside the facilities;


“Sigep”: First participation in the Ho.Re.Ca trade fair;


We decided to make our important anniversary coincide with a restyling of the logo and corporate graphics with an image in step with the times;

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