Electronics in the kitchen

L'elettronica in cucina una rivoluzione hi-tech

A hi-tech revolution has been taking place in the kitchen in recent years. Sensors, touch screens, IoT devices
and electronic management systems are making professional equipment increasingly technological.
Managing and programming devices remotely and being able to control their operation and status are functions that are increasingly used and required in today’s professional restaurant industry.

Induction hobs are equipped with electronic control systems to regulate the intensity and temperature. Before starting to heat, the microcontroller detects the presence of the pan, chooses the switching frequency to be used and only then supplies power. Temperature sensors control the operation and provide the system with vital information so that it can switch off for safety reasons.

Other kitchen equipment, such as ovens or electric barbecues, can also be equipped with electronic management systems capable of monitoring the food preparation process. The ability to precisely control temperature and humidity and to modulate the heating function prevents food from being cooked for too long or from drying out too much. Thanks to these solutions, food retains the nutritional value that would otherwise be lost through prolonged cooking. They also save energy and reduce consumption.

The kitchen equipment is enriched with programmable and customizable functions. They allow temperatures to be set and cooking to be managed in relation to the different types of food to be prepared. Chefs are able to change the basic settings, adjusting them according to their own preferences and habits. Through IoT devices connected to the internet, it is possible to follow the cooking of dishes remotely, even when not present in the restaurant, and intervene remotely to make the appropriate corrections. Through the cloud, it is also possible to input or retrieve recipes and programming the oven remotely.

Some equipment is capable of cooking several dishes at the same time within the same appliance, significantly simplifying the preparation of meals. This technology optimizes the work of kitchen staff and could become a solution to staff shortages. Equipment with touch interfaces and software that is always up-to-date also makes it possible to manage HACCP data easily and intuitively, and to organize and standardize work.

As in the restaurant industry, electronics make food preparation easier and faster in bars by automating many operations in a simple and intuitive way. Timers, smart systems that control whether food is heated or cooked to the right temperature and pre-set programs allow the equipment to perform most tasks autonomously. The operator is thus freer to focus on other tasks such as customer service.

L'elettronica in cucina una rivoluzione hi-tech

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