30 years always lived one step ahead

anniversario Syen 30 anni attività

Innovation is the thread that links Syen’s first 30 years: a company that has been able to continuously evolve and make available to customers the great wealth of experience developed in many successful tailor-made projects. An approach constantly oriented towards innovation, always inclined to find new ideas, to invent completely customized solutions.

Founded in 1991, Syen is today one of the leading companies in Italy in the development of custom solutions for electronics. 30 years of experience make our company a reliable and avant-garde partner in the design of electronic boards, control and monitoring systems.

In these 30 years the company has covered the technological revolution in the electronics industry for professional use. Always one step ahead, Syen has made innovation available to its customers, gradually adopting new opportunities related to the miniaturization of microprocessors, internet and Wi-Fi communication, the advent of touch displays, up to the transformations in progress, related to IoT and artificial intelligence.

In Italy Syen was the first company to develop electronics dedicated to retarder-proofers; already in 1991, the first to design an energy-saving lamp capable of transforming the heat emitted into a heating source and to develop a device for detecting drugs through saliva and sweat. Along these years it has collaborated with prestigious bodies and companies such as the State Police for portable speed control systems and breathalysers, the Ministry of the Interior for drug sticks and Telecom for the supply of professional lighting products applied to the interior of the power stations.

The goal has always been to create customized and high-quality solutions that were able to best solve a specific need. Custom projects are born from attentive listening to customer needs and allow you to increase efficiency, functionality, ease of use and safety, offering a wide range of successful innovative solutions.

Discover the milestones of the first 30 years of Syen’s history.

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