When electronics meet ecology

progettazione schede elettroniche sostenibilità

At Syen we work every day to have the least possible impact on the environment and develop innovative products adopting technological solutions capable of increasing efficiency and reducing energy consumption.

In the production of our electronics, special attention is paid to the use of eco-compatible products and processes respecting nature and the well-being of people. In particular Syen has chosen to use resins with low VOC emissions, volatile organic compounds harmful for the greeting. Resin emissions vapours are also filtered to avoid the emission of polluting gases into the atmosphere. The filtering plants are subject to periodic checks and are certified by the ASL (a specific certification entity) through scrupulous tests of air samples and checks on the level of dust and residues contained.

The products made by Syen are equipped with “REACH” and “RoHS” certifications, which provide for accurate controls relating to the use of chemicals that are harmful to health.

Hazardous waste, such as the resin residues of the boards, are properly disposed of by certified companies. Electronic waste of lighting manufacturing and exhausted lamps are managed through joining the “Eco-lamp” consortium, following the “WEEE” standards (Waste of Electric and Electronic Equipment). The packaging is sent for recovery and recycling through the “Conai” consortium (an Italian no-profit consortium that is the measure by which packaging producers and users ensure that they achieve the recycling and recovery target of packaging waste provided by law). The company adopts a conscious and responsible behaviour also in the disposal and recycling of stationery, printing and processing residues. To reduce waste, Syen has developed a specific packaging model for its electronic boards in order to optimize the use of the material and storage, giving a clear advantage for its collaborators and partners.

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