Syen Electronics: customized electronic boards

Syen Electronics’ main business is the design and production of customized electronic boards.

The research of “custom” solutions, which allow customers to make the most of their equipment, is the strength of the company. The creation of unique projects, made to measure and extendable to different fields of application, is the added value of those who turn to Syen for a collaboration. The attention of each production phase, from conception to design up to the realization of the finished product, guarantees the achievement of the best quality standards and the optimization of production costs.

During the design and manufacturing process, each single phase is carefully planned and subjected to important checks relating to functionality, quality and safety. Before moving on to production, the prototypes are analyzed by specialized technicians to draw up a regulated documentation that allows the optimization of the following material procurement, manufacturing and testing processes. The main objective is to obtain, through the feedback of this analysis, the improvement of the project and to test its reliability.


Upon request, Syen can also perform the calculation of the MTBF, which stands for “Mean Time Between Failures”, that is the calculation of the average time between failures. It can also provide an analysis of the obsolescence of materials, demonstrating how tests and inspections guarantee the best levels of performance, efficiency and durability.

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