Syen and the territory

progettazione schede elettroniche treviso veneto

Starting from the North-East of Italy, Syen has been able to develop national and international projects. The company has always valued the Veneto context, where it is based, a territory with a great industrial connotation. He selected the best suppliers in the area and has created a network of efficient collaborations, transmitting reliability and constancy to each partner with whom he works.

Syen works with reliable local companies to have strict control over the entire electronic circuit board production chain. Over time it has established valuable relationships with companies specialized in the assembly of components. This ensures a completely “made in Italy” design and production process, subjected to precise quality standards at every stage of processing. Partnerships are based on a solid and lasting relationship over time. They allow you to highlight and emphasize the best features of all collaborations.

The production excellence of our country has allowed Syen to develop strong know-how in specific sectors. Italy is in fact at the top in Europe with 70% of industrial production in the “HoReCa” field (Hotellerie-Restaurant-Catering) and with 50% of production in the cafeteria equipment business. In these areas Syen can put a great wealth of technical knowledge and experience in the field at the service of customers.

Syen has always kept its horizons open also to international contexts, collaborating with companies active outside Italy. It brings its technological and skills contribution to large companies in the telecommunications sector and in various other businesses, offering itself as a strategic and collaborative partner even in the most ambitious projects.

Syen s.r.l. | Cod. fiscale e Part. IVA: 02314170263 | Iscrizione Ufficio Registro di TREVISO | Num. REA: TV-202803 | Capitale sociale: € 10.400,00 I.V.

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