Electronic systems for the control of steam cleaners

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Steam cleaners have undergone considerable evolution in the last 20 years, making available tools that allow you to sanitize environments, without using chemical detergents that are harmful to health and the environment. Thanks to the steam cleaning system, given by the high temperature water, it is possible to thoroughly sanitize the surfaces, eliminating germs, bacteria and allergens. Following the technological innovation, practical and compact products were born in the dimensions that allowed to reduce the amount of effort and the time spent in cleaning operations.

Electronics have become increasingly important within the steam cleaners. The new instruments are equipped with various washing functions and need to adjust the steam temperatures and dosage.

Over time Syen has had the opportunity to collaborate with some of the leading manufacturers of professional steam cleaning tools. In this sector, the customers’ need was initially to develop an electronic control system that would allow to regulate and monitor the temperature of the water and steam, the pressure and the correct mixing. In the most recent products, the electronic management also supervises the various cleaning programs, setting the functions and execution times. The search for a more attractive and functional design of the products has also led to the creation of controls integrated in the handles and no longer in the machine body of the device.

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