The value of electronic boards’ traceability in the supply chain

tracciabilità schede elettroniche

The traceability of electronic boards is a system for increasing the quality and reliability of production within the supply chain. In the electronic assembly business, the supply chain is increasingly complex and sees the participation of various partner companies.
It is becoming increasingly important to adopt strategies that allow processes to be managed in a more organized and controlled way. Keeping track of each element that is mounted on the electronic board offers greater security and allows you to ascertain at any time the conformity of the components to the project.

In some markets, such as the automotive one, traceability is essential. The pieces that make up the cars come from multiple suppliers and are assembled on a large number of vehicles. In order to be able to manage any malfunctions and recalls, the traceability of the electronic boards is essential. The advantages of this system also apply to many other sectors, such as household appliances, electro-medical devices and consumer electronic devices.

Traceability provides an identity card for each electronic board produced through a unique serial number (Data Matrix code). This reports the production lot and contains other key information, such as the manufacturer, processing steps, manufacturing procedures, placement of the SMT material in assembly machines, electrical tests and any optical inspections that have been performed. The traceability of the electronic board allows you to know who made the product, when and how.

If it is necessary to replace the electronic board, thanks to the traceability it is possible to intervene promptly and quickly identify the entire production lot. Traceability also makes it possible to detect early faults in the electrical components, for example due to a technical modification or an imperfection on the part of the supplier. It allows to circumscribe the problem as soon as possible, limiting risks and optimizing work processes.

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