Electronic systems for the management of cooking plates

schede elettroniche per piastre cottura

The sector of professional cooking equipment is affected by significant changes that facilitate the work of those who work in the kitchen and also improve the authenticity of the foods we eat. The evolution of technologies makes more and more precise devices available, thanks to new systems such as induction plates, blast chillers or touch screens, which increase control over cooking. Food preparation cycles can also be programmed, automating part of the work. The healthiness of the premises is also improving, thanks to the optimization of the tools that reduce the dispersion of food vapors and fumes in the rooms but which at the same time avoid heat loss.

Electronics increasingly enters the kitchen. If once the equipment was completely analog and simply pots, pans and a fire were enough, today the tools are becoming smarter, assisting the cook in his duties, helping to save time and make better and healthier foods. Ovens have become multifunctional with pre-set recipes and programs. Thanks to the connection with a smartphone, they can be managed remotely. The new cooking plates, controlled by a touch display, increase ease of use and performance levels, for perfect cooking. The new products are also manufactured with attention to energy saving and sustainability, to contain costs and reduce waste.

In the field of professional kitchen equipment Syen collaborates with important manufacturing companies. In particular, he has followed several projects related to the design and construction of electronic systems for the management of cooking plates. In this context, the customers’ need is to have more precise control over temperatures to ensure more reliable and homogeneous cooking. At the same time, a better usability of the products is sought, through the use of LCD touch screens that make operation more intuitive and allow programs to be set easily.

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