Electronics at the service of professional washing equipment

schede elettroniche lavastoviglie professionali

The professional equipment for the washing of dishes, pots and glasses are indispensable tools for those working in the catering and hotel industry. They make work easier and reduce time because they allow you to quickly clean large quantities of dishes. Technological progress in this area has led to the development of machines that, in addition to ensuring excellent performance, are increasingly customized in functionality and offer the possibility to set programmed settings to meet specific user needs.

The electronics is of fundamental importance to the proper functioning of the washing equipment. The electronic control adjusts the washing cycles, the entrance, the discharge and the water jet according to the correct timing, the dosage of the detergents and different temperatures. The management of these functions ensures that cleaning takes place regularly, removing dirt and ensuring the necessary sanitation. It also optimizes the consumption of energy and water, for greater efficiency and sustainability.

Syen is partner with some of the most important manufacturers of professional equipment dedicated to washing dishes and the like. In this sector, the customers’ need was initially to replace the old mechanical timers, now obsolete, with electronic control systems. Afterward new technological solutions have made it possible to improve the user experience through the installation of LCD touch screen displays, more intuitive to use, and greater freedom to set customized washing programs.
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