Electronics management in ride-on mowers

The ride-on mowers were invented to make work easier and more efficient. In the 1800s they were a piece of equipment intended for wealthy Europeans and Americans who owned the first mechanically cut lawns. Previously, a large number of servants equipped with scythes were required to carry out this activity, or herds of animals were used to graze the ground. The mechanical lawnmower has made the work more functional and has made it possible to reduce the use of labour.

Lawnmowers have seen many improvements throughout their history, although the basic design has remained very similar to the current one. Rotary mowers as we know them today began to develop in the second half of the nineteenth century. Initially they resembled trays equipped with wheels with a motor mounted on top. In the 1920s and 1930s, smaller and more powerful motors were introduced, capable of moving the blades at high speed. The models powered first by gas and then by petrol were made, with more series of blades.

Over time, the available features have also increased. Mowing turf is one of the most requested interventions in green maintenance operations. The cutting frequency and height are related to the type of lawn and its intended use. In the greens of golf courses, the mowing of the grass in the summer is carried out nearly every day with different heights at different points. In high quality ornamental carpets, cutting is done twice a week, while in parks it may be sufficient to cut once a week.

Today, lawnmowers are able to precisely adjust the height of the cut, they are able to shred the grass, they are equipped with containers to collect what has been cut. Consequently, the driver’s need to keep various parameters under control has increased. Just like in a car, even in the tractors there is a dashboard with the control panel. In the most modern versions, the control system is managed by means of an LCD display which shows the fundamental information for the management of the vehicle and the mowing of the grass.

Syen has designed and developed a display for ride-on mowers that allows the driver to view all the information on the main operating data of the vehicle in a clear and immediate way. You can monitor engine rpm, battery voltage, running time, oil and fuel warning lights. Also, from the control panel it is possible to manage the electromagnetic activation of the blades, the front accessories and adjust the cutting height.

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