Electronics for safety in ride-on mowers

Over time, the evolution of ride-on mowers has led to the development of ever more powerful and faster vehicles. On the one hand, these technological innovations have made the work of maintenance workers for lawns and sports fields faster and less physically demanding. On the other hand, they require greater attention to safety and accident prevention.

Agriculture in particular is a high-risk industry. According to recent surveys, one in three workplace accidents occurs in this business. The main cause is the overturning of the mechanical vehicle or the loss of control, caused by manoeuvring errors. Reasons for accidents also include unexpected vehicle starting or injury from running blades and cutters.

To prevent this type of risk, technology itself provides a solution. Safety on ride-on mowers is increased by adopting technical measures capable of preventing possible critical situations and reducing human error. The slope of the land, the presence of unevenness close to the work area, the stability of the surface on which the vehicle operates and the management methods are all factors that can be monitored.

The most modern professional lawnmowers are equipped with sensors that detect the conditions of the ground and automatic systems that regulate starting and stopping the engine. On too steep a slope, where the ride-on mower doesn’t have enough traction, it’s easier than you think to lose control and tip over. Due to imprudence or inexperience, the driver of the vehicle is not always able to correctly evaluate the slope. While an automatic system always provides a more objective and adequate answer.

Syen in the ride-on mowers business has designed and developed an inclinometer that is able to evaluate the slope of the working area. When the inclination of the vehicle becomes excessive, it blocks its operation, preventing the driver from continuing to proceed on ground that could be excessively steep, with the risk of overturning.

The tractor is also equipped with a sensor to verify that the operator is seated on the vehicle. The engine switches off automatically when it does not detect the presence of the driver, who could, for example, have fallen. If this safety device were not available, the vehicle would continue its run, with the risk of overwhelming the operator thrown to the ground and injuring him with the still operating blades. The out-of-control machine could also be damaged by colliding with an obstacle.
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