A new automatic warehouse to improve efficiency and inventory management

magazzino automatico Syen

Warehouse setting is fundamental, both in the sorting phase of the electrical components to be used in the project’s achievement as like as in checking the available stock.
In order to provide a more timely and organized service to the customer, Syen has equipped itself with a new automated vertical warehouse, capable of making the most of the space in height while saving the surface on the ground.

All the components required for the production of electronic boards are now stored in an innovative automatic warehouse that is managed through a reliable management program capable of ensuring traceability. Thanks to this solution, it is possible to find the material more easily and prepare it with order and precision, reducing picking errors and time. The system automatically withdraws the components safely stored inside the cabinet and makes them available directly in the picking bay.
Operators no longer have to move through the warehouse to pick up or drop off goods.

The automated warehouse also allows you to constantly keep monitoring the exhaustion of stocks and intervene for the timely purchase of missing pieces. The system tracks incoming and outgoing goods and offers a real-time overview of the state of the warehouse to optimize reordering and logistics of the production flow. In a historical situation, characterized by the scarcity of electronic components, it is very important to monitor the progressive consumption of supplies and plan in advance the procurement of new material.

The automatic cabinets are dehumidified, allowing the correct management even of the electronic components sensitive to humidity (MSDs). Moisture can cause serious injury to electronic components if not handled and stored correctly. Once removed from the protective packaging, they absorb humidity from the environment. During welding, due to the high temperature, vapor could develop inside them which, expanding under pressure, could cause swelling and micro cracks. To prevent exposure to environmental humidity from exceeding the time limit (Floor Life), the MSDs, removed from the original packaging and awaiting assembly, must be stored in an environment with an RH value equal to or less than 5%.

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