The revolution of IoT

soluzioni iot per aziende

The Internet of Things has led us to radically change the way we work, live and deal with things that surround us. Following the evolution of internet, objects have acquired the ability to communicate with each other, to collect, exchange and analyse information; They have become smart and have paved the way for a new digital transformation that will involve companies and people.

Any object can now be connected to Internet and equipped with sensors to record in a timely and detailed information of various kinds. IoT devices are solid and have very small dimensions, making them suitable for installation in any context. Thanks to the connection with wireless networks, the devices are able to exchange the collected data automatically, without the need for human intervention. Furthermore, each device is traceable based on its identification code and based on the position it occupies.

Syen develops cutting-edge technologies that allow you to connect any type of device to Internet to collect data in a precise manner, monitor operation remotely, transfer information and commands. By means of new advanced sensors connected to our boards and to the network, countless opportunities open up to improve productivity, maintenance, safety, product management and data collection.

There are several ways smart technologies can improve a company’s productivity. They can be used, for example, to create vehicle tracking and monitoring systems. Through the IoT it is also possible to perform predictive maintenance and remote diagnosis thanks to monitoring systems of the correct functioning of electrical appliances, such as coffee machines or professional ovens. Internet of Things allows you to create a connected factory where the collected data flows into a single database. It provides a complete overview of the infrastructure allowing you to monitor which components of an industrial machinery are in operation and at what performance.

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