Tested for high temperatures

test temperatura schede elettriche e componenti

High temperatures are a critical factor for electronics. The ideal operating temperature of an electronic device is 25 degrees. Higher temperatures lead to stress on products and electrical components which can suffer a drastic drop in their average life, especially during the summer.

To avoid this sensitivity to high temperatures and in order to verify the quality of the components by limiting the percentage of defective devices, Syen carries out tests defined as “Burn-In”. The process envisages that the components of an electrical system are tested before being put into service. The examination allows to identify those particular components that would face possible failures as a result of so-called “Early failure (Infant mortality)”, during the initial phase of use.

The tests are carried out with a specific equipment called “climate cell”, used specifically to simulate types of hostile environments. Normally the tests are conducted at 85 degrees, when the product is intended to be used in more critical and delicate situations, such as in medical environments, the tests are performed at 105 degrees.

In more advanced projects, the more complex master boards incorporate thermal protections or dedicated sensors which can detect overheating and automatically alarming the system, avoiding failures due to operating at excessive temperatures.

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