Electronic boards production process

The production process of the electronic boards begins with the assembly of traditional components.

These components, whether taped or loose, are preformed through the use of standard machinery, or studied ad hoc to ensure that their application is efficient and repeatable. The assembly is carried out manually by our operators, as regards the welding process, however, it is supported by an automatic welding machine. The electronic components of the boards are protected by resin treatment of the surfaces applied by immersion, using a manual or automatic system.

resinatura schede elettricheThe assembly of the electronic boards takes place through the SMT technology (Surface Mount Technology), consisting of an automated assembly lines that allow you to manage the production flow of the boards, minimizing operator manipulation.

Syen Electronics guarantees the use of the best machinery in all production phases: from the silk-screen drafting to the placement of the components, up to the re-melting of the solder, the most advanced systems are provided to guarantee the best quality insurance.
Package components can also be mounted, BGA ultra fine pitch (Ball Grid Array, welding system having a smaller footprint and better heat dissipation) and LGA (Land Grid Array, physical connection interface for processors that guarantees a flow of more stable current even at high frequencies).

assemblaggio schede elettricheSyen stands out for its advanced electronic board testing technologies, functional and electrical safety tests are carried out through internally designed custom systems and equipment. Furthermore, in agreement with the customer, aging phases in a Burn-In climate cell can be carried out (Test aimed at putting the devices under stress for a certain period of time to check their durability). The after-sales technical service periodically examines the data relating to repairs and interventions with the aim of providing analytical feedback on the reliability of the electronic boards.

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