schede elettroniche per incubatrici

On behalf of a company specializing in the production of incubator machines, Syen designed and developed the electronic system for controlling a new model of vertical incubator. The appliance is the first and only professional egg holder capable of vertically housing any type of egg, from goose eggs to quail eggs. This solution makes it possible to contain the largest number of eggs possible in a small space, reducing energy consumption. In addition, the hatching rate is significantly higher than for horizontally incubated eggs in the previous model of horizontal incubators.

Syen has designed the electronic system that allows the automation of the whole incubation cycle thanks to the management of the temperature and humidity. Even if eggs are incubated for 30 consecutive days, there is no need to check the water levels and top up, unlike traditional incubators which need to be constantly refilled with water every 2 or 3 days.

The system consists of a double-duct peristaltic pump controlled by a computerized hygrostat. A latest generation sensor precisely detects the humidity inside the incubator during the entire incubation cycle. The data is sent to the microprocessor which drives the peristaltic pump. An algorithm manages the dispensing of small drops of water which, as they evaporate, allow humidity to be regulated. The system thus keeps the humidity percentage stable. During operation, the real humidity value present inside the incubator and the value previously set by the user are shown on a display.

Syen also designed and developed the electronic system to regulate the functioning of the internal ventilation. A 2,500-rpm turbine draws air from below and conveys it to the side walls, creating a warm air barrier. This system ensures greater uniformity of temperature and humidity inside the incubator. The device also uses a sophisticated electronic temperature control which allows the microclimate inside to be kept constant at all times, with an accuracy of 0.1°C.