The client is a multinational company specialized in professional gardening equipment. For the launch of a new front-cut ride-on mower, he needed to create a control panel that would allow him to control the operation of the vehicle and provide useful information to the operator.

This type of lawnmower is not equipped with a classic central dashboard, in front of the steering wheel, where the cutting deck is located, the solution proposed provides maximum visibility on the front working area. The control panel has been created in a lateral space, on the side of the driver’s seat. Syen designed and supplied the electronics and the control display.

The side panel allows you to conveniently manage the main functions of the machine. The display shows the warning lights corresponding to the functions: hour counter, ambient temperature, engine rpm, battery, engine oil, parking brake and the seat warning light. Based on the weight, a special sensor verifies whether the tractor operator is sitting in the driving seat. If not detected, the engine will automatically shut down as a safety measure. Stopping the gear prevents the tractor from becoming a danger when the driver accidentally falls to the ground from the vehicle.

From the control panel it is possible to manage the electromagnetic activation of the blades and front accessories as well.

The ride-on mower is also equipped with a twilight sensor that automatically turns on the headlights when the light goes down and an inclinometer that indicates when the slope of the ground exceeds the maximum inclination of 10°.