schede elettroniche per incubatrici

The company that commissioned the project is a company specialized in the production of incubators. Specifically, the customer is responsible for manufacturing equipment to control the development of the animal’s embryo until the eggs hatch.

Syen has created an electronic control board to keep the microclimate and humidity of the incubator unchanged. The control, and especially the maintenance of the temperature, make it possible to avoid the machine undergoing variations based on the external temperature. Thanks to this sophisticated “artificial intelligence control” technology, the temperature is kept constant, with an accuracy of 0.1°C, thus preventing premature hatching.

The electronic board acts in such a way as to keep the set value constant. This technology allows correct embryonic development, without imbalances and with higher hatching results.

The system exploits the principle of feedback. The temperature value detected by the NTC sensor is digitally processed by an advanced PID (Proportional Integral Derivative) algorithm of the latest generation. Thanks to this technology it is possible to eliminate the characteristic oscillations of the simplest regulations, offering speed of response and good temperature stability. Syen’s integrated technology is on par with the control solutions used on much more complex equipment.

Syen has applied the same technology on humidifiers. The internal humidity control allows you to maintain the humidity rate previously set inside the incubator, exploiting the benefit of natural evaporation. The same process also takes place in industrial incubators. This procedure makes it possible to avoid the use of now obsolete ultrasonic humidifiers.

Furthermore, during the entire incubation phase, a specific microprocessor automatically rotates the incubated eggs, continuously changing the times and degrees of inclination. This movement takes place in an ever-changing way, just as it happens in nature inside the nest during brooding.