progettazione schede elettroniche depuratori aria

A new type of semi-professional air purifier has just been launched on the market. Syen collaborated in its creation, designing and fine-tuning the electronic system that regulates the operation and the user interface. The device reduces indoor pollution by washing the air that we normally breathe within an environment. The system draws in the air, conveys it into the water tank and, thanks to the molecular separator which rotates at 22,000 rpm, separates and retains the polluting elements. After washing, it releases completely clean air. The purifier is also able to operate autonomously: it activates itself based on the degree of contamination of the air.

Syen has designed the electronics that allow you to manage the entire purification cycle: suction, washing, separation of polluting substances and release of clean air. It also developed the system that controls chromotherapy. The product has an identifying and very accurate design. Visually it looks like a lamp that changes color according to the chosen program. The color combinations are not random, but are designed to match the user’s mood (energy, relaxation or focus). The purifier can also diffuse 10 different fragrances, which are combined with a sound experience through the combined playlist, for a multi-sensory experience.

The purifier can be controlled via an app which allows you to monitor the air quality data before and after the washing cycle.