progettazione scheda elettronica lavastoviglie

The customer had the need of developing for an advanced electronic control system of professional washing equipment, such as towed pan washers, which offered the possibility of setting more sophisticated settings, compared to those allowed by the normal electronic timers that are mounted. on base line dishwashers.

Syen has designed a control system with an electronic timer and customizable features. The customer has the chance to define and save specific settings and parameters, such as the “soft start” program of the water loading pumps. Thanks to this solution it is possible to set a more gradual start and prevent the sudden jet of water from moving the dishes loaded inside the machine at the beginning of the washing process.

The electronic system is connected to several internal sensors that allow greater precision and a better control of the temperature of washing water inside the machine. In addition, there are detection sensors that allow you to diagnose errors, malfunctions or send signals when a lack of detergent or salt is found.

The control system is governed by a control panel and a “dot matrix” LED display that allow you to adjust the settings of the machine in a simple and precise way. The display can also be installed at a distance from the power board.