schede elettroniche per piastre cottura

The customer is developing a new barbecue that can also be used indoors, equipped with a cooking system from above that works by radiation, which allows you to cook food without producing smoke and without creating smells. Compared to previous models powered by methane gas or LPG, this BBQ has an electric plate and requires an electronic system capable of regulating temperatures and managing cooking in relation to the different types of dishes to be prepared. For this device it was also necessary to further guarantee safety, given its predisposition to be used also within closed environments.

The project is under development and Syen is in charge of designing and implementing the management of the barbecue electronics. The electronic board controls and coordinates all the various functions of the machine, also adjusting the thermostat and fan. The new system quickly heats the plate up to a maximum temperature of 290 ° and keeps it uniform throughout the cooking process. In traditional grills, temperature management has always been a critical factor, there are continuous variations and the heat is not always distributed evenly over the entire surface. All these factors lead to not ensuring uniform cooking of food or the risk of burning them. This solution therefore facilitates perfect cooking and an always optimal result.

It is also possible to set different programs based on the characteristics of the meat (or other food) and cooking. Temperature management allows you to keep food warm, cook delicate foods such as fish over low heat, meats over medium heat and grill over high heat. The barbecue is also equipped with multiple accessories, such as the spit and the smoker, some of which can interact and be adjusted through electronic management.

The electric barbecue is equipped with a modern 7-inch touch-screen display that allows you to intuitively set and visually monitor all the parameters of the plate and its accessories.