case history schede elettroniche macchine caffe

For a company specialized in the production of professional coffee equipment, Syen has designed and developed the systems for the electronic management of various coffee grinders. The customer’s need was to obtain constant extractions, improve the quality of the coffee through precision grinding and make the bartender’s job easier.

The solution designed and developed by Syen for these projects allows to automate all operations. An automatic rotation system distributes and levels the ground coffee while pressing it. The electronic management of the grinder guarantees high precision in the calibration of the weight distributed by the rotating presser on the coffee block. In this way, the ground is pressed evenly and parallel to the surface to obtain excellent extractions.

The digitally controlled grinding system allows the barista to adjust the distance between the grinders in microns, so as to have a clear, accurate and repeatable setting. It is possible to memorize up to 20 grinding positions with micrometric precision. The electronic calibration system of the grinders ensures that the grinding settings are identical between different appliances. The commands on the display and 4 keyboard buttons allow a quick recall of the recipe or the recording of dose times.

The automation of the coffee distribution and pressing process allows excellent results to be achieved without excessive effort for the barista, preventing occupational diseases of the wrist, hand and elbow.
The device is designed with inductive cup presence sensors and mechanical locking systems to fully protect the hand during the work cycle. It is also equipped with a diagnostic system that records backlash, tare weight and error codes. The display swivels to allow easy access to the grinding chamber for cleaning and changing the grinders