case history schede elettroniche macchine caffe

Syen collaborated with a company specializing in the production of equipment for bars and restaurants in the design and development of the electronics of a professional coffee roaster. The customer’s need was to create a small machine capable of roasting the beans in real time, which are then destined to be used in the preparation of coffee. The device also had to show the process, showing the bar’s customers how the fascinating roasting process takes place.

Roasting is a process of fundamental importance for developing the more than 800 volatile substances that make up the aroma and taste of coffee. It also directly affects the final quality of this drink and the presence of any defects. Through the administration of heat to the green and raw beans, those transformations take place that develop the delicious organoleptic complexity characteristic of each blend.

The solution created by Syen allows you to independently roast the raw coffee, making the blend served unique. The electronic management system controls the air heating temperature, the cooking temperature and the entire processing cycle: pre-heating, drying, aromatic development, identification of the roasting and cooling point. Using the heat probe, it identifies the right roasting, cooling and final release point. It is also possible to customize the programs to fine-tune a particular roasting and repeat it in subsequent preparations. The system thus allows to keep the quality and the various procedures constant.