The customer’s need was to create a high-performance lawnmower tractor, suitable for the maintenance of large areas and large parks full of plants. The vehicle also included a grass collector with a capacity of 750 liters, equipped with a hydraulic lifting and tilting system.

The electronic system designed and developed by Syen makes it possible to intervene on the cutting height of the grass which can vary from 2 to 10 cm. The operator of the vehicle, from the driver’s seat, can change the position of the blades via an electric button. The continuous adjustment allows you to choose infinite positions in order to obtain a quality mowing, particularly sought after for sports fields. The deck is floating with hydraulic assistance. The wheels always have the right ground pressure for a smooth cut, even in terrain with bumps or dips.

Once cut, the grass is collected in a basket, placed in the rear part of the tractor. Thanks to a motorized deflector, the grass is distributed in an optimal way, until the container is completely saturated. A sensor, adjustable in three positions, monitors the perfect filling. When the basket is full, the system automatically stops cutting to avoid blockages.

The cutting unit is equipped with a cleaning system for the grass duct leaving the deck to prevent any residues from accumulating and obstructing the passage. The operation is automatic and is activated each time the basket is emptied. The liquid-cooled engine also features a self-cleaning radiator. To eliminate any accumulation of grass clippings on the radiator, the electric cooling fan intervenes by reversing the direction of rotation. The operation of the cleaning system is automatic and is controlled by a sensor.