For a multinational company operating in the gardening equipment business, Syen has designed and developed the electronic system for the control of a professional ride-on mower. The client’s need was to make the work of the grass mowers easier, providing useful information on the performance of the vehicle and reducing the need for manual intervention to adjust the cutting speed.

The ride-on mower has been equipped by Syen with a 5.5” colour smart display connected to all the sensors and indicators of the machine. The monitor allows the driver to check all information on the vehicle’s main operating data in a clear and immediate way. Thanks to the “Best Cutting Zone” function and a light indicator, it is possible to monitor the cutting performance at all times, regardless of the type of soil and grass. The display is also equipped with an electronic hour counter.

The cruise-control function allows the speed to be kept constant, regardless of the engine workload. Without this automatic adjustment system, it would be necessary to manually operate the throttle valve every time the mower crosses an area where the grass or the slope require greater effort from the engine.

The ride-on mower is equipped with a hydrostatic pedal transmission which guarantees maximum speed control, without the need to change gear manually. The grass is cut by means of 2 synchronized blades which also optimize the collection. The engagement of the blades is electromagnetic and can be adjusted in seven different positions from 30 to 90 mm.