sistema elettronico gestione fabbricatori ghiaccio

The customer’s need was to create a flake icemaker intended to be used in the food preservation’s solutions. This type of ice is produced in a state of freezing around -6 ° / -8 ° C and, for example, applied in display counters of fresh products in supermarkets and fishmongers or in containers during the transport of perishable goods. Flakes can offer a large contact surface for rapid cooling.

Syen has designed and built the electronic system that regulates the functioning of these professional machines. To operate correctly, the flake icemaker is equipped with a particular sensor that measures the hardness of the water in order to ensure optimal operation in all conditions. Waters with a high concentration of calcium and magnesium lead, in fact, to the formation of deposits and encrustations that can block the mechanisms. On the other hand, the use of distilled water inhibits the formation of ice.

The icemaker is equipped with a control system that will stop operations in the event of freezing to prevent damages to the engine. The safety sensors are able to detect if some mechanisms are blocked by ice. There are also alarms that indicate when there is no water or when the collector is full and must be emptied to produce more ice.