For one of the leading companies in the professional gardening market, Syen has developed the electronic power supply board and the control display of the ride-on mower. The customer’s requirement was to equip the machine with advanced control functions and to differentiate itself from competitors’ products thanks to a higher level of safety. The vehicle was intended for the northern European market, characterized by a particularly harsh climate.

The solution designed and made by Syen provides for an inclinometer capable of detecting the inclination of the machine when cutting the grass with respect to the ground. If the slope is excessive the blades are stopped automatically. The electronic system also monitors the engine rpm. If they are too low, the blades cannot be operated.

The operator driving the tractor has access to a complete set of easy-to-read information shown on the display: engine rpm, battery voltage, operating time, oil and fuel warning lights. The dashboard with LCD instrumentation is protected by a membrane, made with a special material that guarantees durability and reliability even in hostile environments such as those of northern Europe.

The tractor is equipped with a sensor to verify that the operator is seated on the vehicle. For safety, the engine switches off automatically when it does not detect the presence of the driver, who may, for example, have fallen. Another sensor adjusts the automatic switching on and off of the headlights according to the level of natural light. There is also a software for diagnostics of the vehicle that allows you to check faults, tampering and update the functions.

In the control system developed by Syen, the safety logic is applied at the hardware level, rather than at the software level. This solution reduces costs, offers greater safety and guarantees greater durability, with less chance of failures in the safety system. Furthermore, the on and off logic is managed on several levels. The operator must perform a sequence of actions to start and stop the machine. The automatic engine stop occurs when the presence of the seated operator is not detected. Moreover, thanks to the electronics developed by Syen, the investment on the wiring has been reduced by 50%.