sistema elettronico gestione fabbricatori ghiaccio

Syen has collaborated with one of the world’s leading manufacturers of ice machines in the design and implementation of the electronic system for the management of professional appliances for the Horeca sector. Cubed ice is today an essential element in bars and restaurants for the preparation of cocktails and long drinks, therefore it must comply with precise aesthetic and functional characteristics.

It is very important to create a crystalline, pure, compact and long-lasting product. However, the hardness of the water used to create the cube, the presence of salts and impurities in the water, have a negative effect on transparency and its duration. These factors can lead to the formation of opaque-looking cubes, which are aesthetically less attractive. Furthermore, the structure is more fragile, the cooling effect has less stability and leads to premature melting.

The solution developed by Syen is equipped with a double control on the hardness of the water and on the freezing system to guarantee the best production standards in any environmental condition.
The safety sensors stop operation if the gears are frozen or jammed, this can help prevent the icemaker motor from burning. There are also a series of alarms that promptly indicate any malfunctions or the need for maintenance. For example, an infrared system manages the filling level of the ice containment tank and alerts the operator when it is full and needs to be emptied.