The customer’s need was to create a lawnmower capable of cutting the grass flawlessly even on land with high slopes and low grip. The vehicle also had to manage the mulching cutting (with shredding) and the cutting with rear or side discharge of the mown grass.

Syen has designed and developed the electronic system that allows you to manage the operation of the cutting mechanism. The blades are engaged via an electric button, located near the steering wheel, which activates the electromagnetic clutch. The deck belt tension is self-adjusting. The entire system is always kept parallel to the ground, maintaining optimum cutting quality even after years of use!

The system allows you to adjust the cutting height from 2.5 to 11 cm. These adjustments allow an exceptional finish even in areas with uneven ground and under the canopy of trees. The stepless adjustment (not stepwise) can be set in infinite positions and ensures quality cuts, such as on sports fields.

Using a lever, the tractor operator can change the cutting mode and switch to mulching while remaining comfortably seated in the driver’s seat, even while cutting and without interrupting the work. The blades do not need to be replaced. To perform a good mulching cut, the forward speed is well regulated by the hydrostatic transmission.