progettazione scheda elettronica sanificazione

Electronic system to control and manage multi-functional steam cleaners that combine steam and suction. In this particular project, the customer was looking for a solution that would allow the engine to be adjusted electronically on three levels directly from the handle.

To respond to its requirement, Syen has designed and implemented an advanced electronic control system that allows to manage the temperatures of water and steam and their correct dispensing. The washing-extraction function involves the diffusion of steam mixed with a water solution to remove dirt more effectively. It is possible to obtain a mixture of steam mixed with a solution of water and detergent or steam mixed with water with hot water function.

Compared to traditional cleaning methods, optimal steam management reduces water consumption by 93%. Thanks to this device the operator can perform a complete cleaning, saving on the cost of detergents and protecting the environment. The digital controls, located on the handle of the cleaner, allow you to control the steam and suction with considerable comfort and ease of use.

The removable electronic probe is an ideal solution for the steam cleaner: it allows you to monitor the correct water level in continuous refill boilers. It also allows you to check the level of limescale within the system. The product has been TÜV SUD certified in compliance with international performance and safety standards.