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The customer had the need to manage and automate the operation of the vacuum packaging machines, intended to be used in restaurants, delicatessens, bars, catering, butchers and various other contexts. Being professional devices, these vacuum machines can use large bags, up to 300×400 mm. They are also able to carry out the complete deaeration cycle very quickly.

Syen has designed and built, tailor-made, all the logic of the electronic system to regulate the operation of the vacuum pump and the inert gas injection system, in the case of modified atmosphere packaging. The vacuum packaging machine is designed to handle different packaging methods: sealing only, vacuum, external vacuum and MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging). The control panel is equipped with easy-to-use touch screen controls that allow you to set the different programs.

The vacuum packaging machine also can be used in manual mode, leaving the user to be the sole manager of each vacuum process, giving maximum flexibility in setting and customizing the program. There are also 5 different suction cycles for marinating, creating infusions and other preparations useful for vacuum cooking. These pre-set programs operate quickly and automatically, without the need for supervision. The device is also equipped with an automatic calibration system. Thanks to a pressure sensor, it adjusts operation based on altimetric altitudes and atmospheric conditions.