schede elettroniche per piastre cottura

The customer’s need was to create a tool dedicated to ice cream parlors that would allow to heat brioches and stuffed sandwiches, to be garnished with ice cream, jams and granitas. The product had to have compact dimensions in order to be easily placed on the bar counter or on a kitchen shelf, without being cluttered.

Syen has designed and built, tailored for this project, the electronic system that manages the ignition and regulates the temperature of the Teflon-coated aluminum plate. The electronics manage all the functions in a simple and intuitive way. A convenient button activates the device which quickly reaches the required temperature. The product is equipped with an electronic display to view information on the heating time and the set temperature.

The electronic board is set to quickly reach the desired temperature. The time required to seal the sandwich is 30 – 40 seconds maximum. In addition, the electronic management allows the brioche warmer to work efficiently, reducing electricity consumption. The product is CE certified.