progettazione scheda elettronica lavastoviglie

Syen is partner with some of the most important manufacturers of professional equipment dedicated to washing dishes and similar. In this sector, the customers’ need was to replace the old mechanical timers, now obsolete, with a new electronic control system that could manage the times and the different washing cycles.

The solution developed by Syen was initially developed for the basic line of washing machines. It consists of a timer and an electronic board capable of coordinating the operation of the various mechanical parts, according to the times envisaged by the washing programs, regulating the temperatures, the water inlet and discharge, the detergent dosage. The system is also equipped with warning lights that promptly communicate the presence of errors or malfunctions.

In particular, the controller with electronic timer:

  • ensures that the machine settings are set correctly,
  • sets the washing and rinsing cycles,
  • controls the machine’s “standard” inputs (loading / unloading water),
  • checks the water levels inside the machine and the washing temperature,
  • verifies the wash pump and rinsing.

In carrying out the project, particular attention was paid to safety, in order to prevent voltage drops or water infiltrations from damaging the electronic card and timer.